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Born in 1980 from Iranian parents, he started his musical journey at the age of 16, when he started learning to play daf (the frame drum) and Kamanche (the Iranian fiddle) with the famous Iranian master Ardeshir Kamkar (IR) and later on with Ali Akbar Shekarchi (IR), Ostad Mohamad Reza Lotfi (IR) and the master of Indian music on Violin M.S.Gopalkrishnan (IN).
After having played Persian classical music (radiff) with various masters, he left Iran and settled in Pune, India where he met musicians from all over the world. Years of playing with musicians trained in different background other than Iranian music, like: classic Indian, Jazz and Blues, Turkish, Arabic etc. gave Zhubin the opportunity to experiment and find his unique style. But to him music is not only a matter of style. It's about transforming spirituality and the mysteries of life into chemistry with the listener
In recent years, Zhubin has performed solo and with various bands in concerts and festivals all over the world, amongst them are Shahram Nazeri and his Molavi Band,Jalal Zolfonoon,Samir Joubran,Sundhya Sanjana,Omri Hason,Ramesh Shotham, Bahramji, Ahura, Barbad, Pecheurs de Perles, Prem Joshua and the Mystics of Sound and Hawa with Suat Berkay and so many other great musicians
Zhubin's music has been featured in differenet music productions like: Vibrant Silences with Hariprasad Chaurasia, Wahed with Pecheurs de Perles and Call of the Mystic with Bahramji and Manish de Moor, as well as on many DJ's tracks
He has two albums "Himalaya" with Bikram jit Singh, and "Karisma" with Dinesh Mattuck